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Call 1.855.276.3002 for more info or to enroll with UMHS Specialty Pharmacy. Transplant patients, please call 1.866.946.7695.

Fax: 734.232.3408
4260 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

What is UMHS Specialty Pharmacy Services?

We specialize in providing outstanding customer service. As a mail-order pharmacy developed by the University of Michigan, the UMHS Specialty Pharmacy ensures timely and continuous access to medications. Our experienced pharmacists are committed to supporting you with comprehensive care throughout the entire treatment process.

The UMHS Specialty Pharmacy services are unique from your neighborhood retail and mail-order pharmacies. We offer specialized mail order distribution within the state of Michigan with value-added clinical support, financial counseling and education services. Using the UMHS Specialty Pharmacy enhances patient care because the pharmacy has access to complete medical records enabling accurate and efficient facilitation of the patientís treatment plan. Our pharmacists are directly linked to your specialized medical team, and we are dedicated to personally serving you throughout your entire treatment process.

Patients can face significant challenges paying for their medication. Even with insurance coverage, some patients spend hundreds of dollars in medication co-payments each month. Due to the complexities of billing for specialty medications, mistakes can cause billing delays and higher out-of-pocket costs than are actually needed. We offer financial counseling and insurance support services to help you navigate the complexities of your insurance; ensuring you are maximizing all available resources.

Patients can also face obstacles to acquiring their medication. Certain medications are needed by only a small percentage of the general public. For this reason, specialty medications are not always readily available at your local pharmacy. These medications take special arrangements, and a period of time, to obtain. The UMHS Specialty Pharmacy coordinates the efforts of professionals from across the UM medical center to ensure prompt access to all medications. Patients may also easily obtain answers about medication regimens and medication side effects.

UMHS Specialty Pharmacy | Phone: 1.866.946.7695 (Transplant Only), 1.855.276.3002 | Fax: 734.232.3408
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